Hi there! My name is Maggie–welcome to my corner of the Internet!  I am a married mother-to-be, future nurse, lapsed violinist, and all-around work in progress.

My unceremonious launch into motherhood is what led me to start This Is Not A Mommy Blog.  Don’t mistake this as a dig on the mommy world–far from it!  I found myself getting swallowed by the excitement of this little baby entering my life, to the point that it became all-consuming.  Between the books and the registry and the nesting and the planning and the worrying, I felt like I lost myself in this new facet of my identity.

This hit me hard, because one of the parts of adulthood that I have struggled to accept is the undefined, open sprawl that lies before me.  That lack of certainty and implicit structure has often left me wondering how to find my place, find my niche, and find myself.

In my desperation to “define” who I am, I am prone to flit from one identity to the next, usually based on whatever is most accessible to me.  At this time in my life, motherhood served that purpose.  It’s almost like putting a band-aid on the issue at hand–to “be a mother” sets me up with defined limits, welcomes me into a vast network, all of which provide me with the comfortable illusion that I am accepted, contained, and stable.

But here’s the thing.  This shiny new title will inevitably wear off, and then I’m left with the same identity crisis I had before.  Rather than allowing myself the instant gratification, I want to find a way to welcome this new facet into my life without allowing it to take over.  I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, a student, a musician, a lover of cheese, dogs, and NBC comedies.  This Is Not A Mommy Blog is intended to help me create space for all of it, and all of me.